We are joining forces with three local PCNs to recruit clinicians to work as vaccinators in the Wirral NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Service.

Would you like to work as a vaccinator?

The NHS Covid-19 Wirral Vaccination Service is progressing successfully, with General Practices now vaccinating younger cohorts and delivering second doses.

This is a monumental task and we are looking for healthcare students and retired clinicians to join the vaccination programme as vaccinators.

If you are training or have a background in any of the following, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Paramedic Physiotherapist
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Any other healthcare discipline


The Recruitment Process


1. Register your interest

To register your interest simply use the contact form below.

Following this, you will receive a link to Staff box with your login details.


2. Submit your ID details and relevant documentation

Once you have logged into Staff box you will be prompted to select your role and the areas you are happy to work in.

Then simply enter your contact details and upload the required documentation:

  • Photo ID
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Vaccination Training* / Experience Certificate
  • Covid-19 specific E-Leaning Certificates*

IMPORTANT! We will not be able to verify your profile until you have supplied the required ID details and documentation.


3. Immunisation training*

Participation in the programme will require students to undertake the necessary immunisation training, as well as several Covid-19 specific modules.

Students can register their interest using the link below and sign up in  Staff box before completing all the necessary Covid-19 Vaccination Training.

However, their profile will not be verified until all the necessary certificates/documentation have been uploaded.


3. Verification process

Once you have completed the step above, please email pcw.fed@nhs.net to advise you have completed your registration, so the team can verify your profile.


4. Shifts

Once your profile has been verified you will be able to select the most suitable shifts via Staff box at:

Register your interest