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We are joining forces with Wirral Council and Community Action Wirral to recruit volunteers for the Wirral NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Service.
Wirral Council Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteers
Community Action Wirral Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteers
Primary Care Wirral Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteers

Can you help?

The NHS Covid-19 Wirral Vaccination Service is progressing successfully, with General Practices now vaccinating younger cohorts and delivering second doses. This is a monumental task and we cannot do it without the help of the people of Wirral.

We need local people who can help with stewarding and signposting to make the Wirral Covid-19 vaccination process smoother and quicker!

We have the privilege of working within an incredibly generous community, with our neighbours demonstrating a willingness to help through volunteering, supporting people in isolation and donating or building protective equipment at every step of this pandemic.

We are certain we can count on your support and we look forward to hearing from you.


The Volunteer Process


1. Register your interest

To register your interest simply contact info@communityactionwirral.org.uk or use the contact form below.

Following this, the team at Community Action Wirral will register you on the Impax Hub (NHS website).


2. Submit your ID details

Following your registration, you will receive an email asking you to provide some ID details. All you need to do is:

  • Input your contact details
  • Upload some photo ID by clicking on your name
  • Upload your ID by clicking the “Certificates” tab

IMPORTANT! We will not be able to verify your profile and allow you to volunteer for shifts until you have supplied the required ID details.


3. Verification process

Once you have provided your ID information, please contact Community Action Wirral on info@communityactionwirral.org.uk

Community Action Wirral will then notify the NHS, which will start the verification process.


4. Volunteering for shifts

Once your profile is verified you will be granted access to the NHS system and will be able to volunteer for shifts at:

Register your interest