I am a Primary Care Wirral appointed board member and the federation’s secretary.

I have been a primary care professional since 2016. Currently, I work as Practice Business Manager at The Orchard Surgery in Bromborough. I am also an active member of Healthier South Wirral and a volunteer trustee for Community Action Wirral.

In addition to my professional background in the healthcare industry, I have 15 years’ experience working in the Voluntary, Community and Faith sector, as well as in Public Sector organisations.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in the promotion of collaborative working strategies and consortia development/management. I have also contributed to securing and delivering a number of European funded projects.

I have substantial experience in bid writing, volunteer management and staff learning and development. I have also worked at strategic level to support the interests of Wirral people.

I have a keen interest in supporting integration and collaborative working, involving partners and communities to create an impact. I am a strong advocate of personalised care and linking patients to local activities that can improve their wellbeing.