Our Social Prescribing Service for Wirral PCNs includes the recruitment, training and coordination of social prescribing related roles.

PCNs can benefit tailored solutions, including streamlined access to local-based Wellbeing Practitioners (Link Workers), Health & Wellbeing Coaches and/or a Cancer Physical Activity Practitioner.

We have developed this service in partnership with WUTHMacmillan Cancer SupportWirral CouncilWirral CCG, Citizens Advice Wirral, and seeks integration with key third sector organisations, such as Age UK.

We are already successfully collaborating with local PCNs and we are looking forward to helping you too. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch!

Social Prescribing PCN Roles

Wellbeing Practitioner

(Social Prescribing Link Worker)

Wellbeing Practitioners assist practices in expanding holistic care services by providing personalised patient advice on emotional and practical concerns, and linking them to non-clinical services to enhance health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Health Coach

Health & Wellbeing Coaches empower patients with low levels of physical activity to live independently, take greater control of their health and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Cancer Physical Activity Practitioner

Our Cancer Physical Activity Practitioner offers support and lifestyle advice for Wirral patients undergoing pre/post cancer treatment or surgery.

Wellbeing Practitioners Awareness Campaign

We have launched ‘Let’s Talk!’, a campaign to support local PCNs and GP surgeries to increase patient awareness of the new Wellbeing Practitioner role.

Wellbeing Practitioners are the lead professionals within our Social Prescribing team and a fundamental element in the provision of Population Health and Place-Based Care.

We want to assist practices in expanding the provision of holistic patient care and respond to the increasingly complex needs of our population at a time when non-clinical support is more important than ever.

The ‘Let’s Talk!’ will help patients familiarise with the WP role by explaining in a clear and friendly manner what type of help is available and how to access the services provided.

Practices have free access to a series of digital assets presenting key messages which can be shared on websites and social media channels.

All printed materials have been temporarily excluded from the resource pack due to their potential to spread SARS-CoV-2.

Download Digital Assets