Patient Workflow Training – Basic

For non-clinical staff

FREE intensive one-day course that explores the basics of patient data reading and coding and provides and introduction to SNOMED CT system.

Start date: TBC
Duration: 1 day



Training Provider:

Insight Solutions

Start date: TBC

Duration: 1 day


Basic: 10am – 12.30pm

Intermediate: 1.30 – 4.30 pm



Who should attend?

GP non-medical staff involved in any aspect of patient data processing and management.

The basic course is ideal for professionals that are not fully familiar with code reading (i.e. new receptionists).

If you are already familiar with patient coding or want to complete the full Workflow Training programme on the same date.

Visit the Patient Workflow Training – Intermediate booking page.

What will I learn?

This is a two-part course that provides the necessary knowledge to rationally manage patient data, from basic coding to more advanced healthcare workflow management systems and processes.

The Patient Workflow Training – Basic course explores the essentials of patient data reading and coding, and provides and introduction to the SNOMED CT system.

The Patient Workflow Training – Intermediate course covers the SNOMED CT system in-depth and includes an overview of workflow management systems and processes.
Both levels can be completed on the same date, and students can book one or both courses depending on their needs.

If you wish to attend the basic and intermediate training, please ensure that you book both courses on their respective pages.

Course Content

  • Read Codes & Data Quality
  • Understanding what coding is and its importance
  • General coding related administrative task
  • Structure of read codes and common errors when coding patient data
  • Reading and coding basic hospital letters
  • Introduction to SNOMED CT system


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