Who we are

Primary Care Wirral is a not-for-profit Federation of 26 independent GP Practices covering 203,936 patients, over 61% of the Wirral population.

Member Practices remain independent organisations, whilst collaborating in the further development of local Primary Care.

Primary Care Wirral has been set up as a Community benefit society.  Community benefit societies conduct business for the benefit of their community.  Profits are not distributed among members, or external shareholders, but returned to the local community, in Primary Care Wirral's case, any profits go direct back to local healthcare in Wirral.

The Federation is designed to overcome the weaknesses inherent in an industry with a large number of small providers. The Federation facilitates Practices to work together to jointly address issues which cannot easily be resolved by individual Practices and offers skills and expertise that an individual Practice would find uneconomic to employ, for example improving services for patients, bidding for contracts, sharing best practice and savings on group purchases, all helping to maximise local patient care and more cost effective gp practice running.