Health Coaches - Health and Wellbeing Coaches
As established in the new DES Contract, Health Coach (also known as Health & Wellbeing Coach) is one of the 10 additional roles PCNs can employ to work as part of their cross-practice multidisciplinary teams. 
Health Coaches provide personalised lifestyle support, helping patients to increase activity levels, improve eating habits and maintain the long-term changes they need to improve their health and wellbeing.

In detail

Health Coaches produce tailored plans for individuals, based on an initial assessment of their current fitness levels and lifestyle.

They help patients increase overall levels of physical activation, embrace healthier lifestyle choices and maintain long-term behavioural change.

Health Coaches motivate patients to complete the programmes and empower them to live independently by taking more control in managing their own health.


Who is it for?

Health Coach support is ideal for individuals who require help with making lifestyle changes and/or those who could benefit from healthier lifestyle choices.


What support do they offer?

  • Defining achievable and realistic goals, and developing the resources and confidence that patients need to successfully manage their health and wellbeing.
  • Prescribing tailored physical activity and healthy living advice (i.e. eating advice, quitting smoking, alcohol reduction, etc.) to help patients manage better and reduce the impact of existing long term conditions.
  • Motivating patients through education and plans which are easy to integrate into their daily routines.
  • Implementing preventative interventions aimed at improving patient physical and mental wellbeing to reduce the risk of developing long term conditions.

Patient identified by Practice Team
(GP, Nurse, HCA, AP, Receptionist)

Practice Team tasks Health Coach on EMIS

Health Coach completes tasks and books patient in for a consultation on their EMIS clinic

Consultation is recorded on the patient’s EMIS medical records

Patient is supported by Health Coach, any medical queries will be raised to medical staff

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New Training Video!

In celebration of National Fitness Day, our Health Coaches Scott Morgans and Georgia Lilley have created an instructional video with quick and easy exercises to boost your energy levels.

The full workout lasts around 20-30 minutes, but you can pick and mix and repeat as many times as you want.

Adding that little extra bit of physical activity each day will help you have more energy, be more alert and feel mentally and physically better.

This Energy Boost Workout has been designed with primary care staff in mind, but it’s also great for anyone who works long hours in a busy job.

We hope you enjoy it!