NHS Health Check Training for GP Staff

For Nurses and HCAs

FREE intensive 2 hours course for GPNs and HCAs working in any of PCW’s member practices, which provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform NHS Health Checks.

Start date: TBC
Duration: 2 hours



Training Provider:

Public Health England

Start date: TBC

Duration: 2 hours


1pm – 3pm



Who should attend?

This is a FREE Public Health England short course for General Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants working in any of PCW’s member practices.

The course is ideal for GPNs and HCAs wanting learn or refresh their knowledge on the key competences needed to carry out an NHS Health Check.

This update is a refresher for experienced healthcare professionals as well as new team members.

What will I learn?

In this course, GPNs and HCAs will learn the Core Competences and Technical Competences required to carry out an NHS Health Check, as set out in the NHS Health Check Competence Framework.

The training will cover three main areas:

  • What are the benefits for patients and the wider community?
  • What does an NHS Health Check consist of?
  • What are the requirements of practices in terms of coding and administration?

There will also be an opportunity to share advice on how to increase the number of Health Checks provided in general practices.

According to a study by Cambridge University the NHS Health Check Programme has been proven highly effective in improving risk factor identification, and in referral and the uptake of evidenced based lifestyle and clinical interventions.

The NHS Health Check Programme is preventing approximately 300 premature deaths (before 80 years of age) and resulting in an additional 1,000 people at the age of 80 years old, being free of cardiovascular diseases, dementia and lung cancer each year in England.

It also helps to engage people with the greatest health needs, actively reducing health inequalities.

Nurses and HCA’s play a crucial role in the NHS Health Check Programme.

NHS Health Check Training is aimed at ensuring nursing staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out an NHS Health Check.

This enables PCW practices to support patients in staying healthier for longer, as individuals having a check are more likely to be diagnosed  and receive appropriate lifestyle or clinical advice to reduce future risk and manage health conditions.

Course Content

  • Delivering a cardiovascular risk assessment to the eligible population in England between the ages of 40-74 years without an existing chronic condition.
  • Local uptake and benefits of undertaking an NHS Health Check.
  • Systematic processes involved in NHS Health Check delivery, including local policy and procedures.
  • Eligibility criteria.
  • Risk assessment and identification of an individual’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Communication risk involved in the delivery of Health Check.
  • Lifestyle interventions.
  • Referral to relevant health care professionals.
  • Coding and administration update.
  • Discussion on how to increase NHS Health Checks.


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